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The Intelectual In The Power

The general election have been finished in 17 april 2019 and then the constitutional court was decide that the candidate president and vice president victory that is Mr Jokowidodo – Ma’aruf Amin. Otherwise public space was talking of who will to become the cabinet minister of election president.

Because the role intellectual will that accompanying our president very important. The presiden Jokowi also must be accompanied by intelectual in order that success to five year again.

Therefore for the Indonesia that president must understand about comprehension on the public. because we have seen at society that between infrastructure development with the social order happen paradoksal. Whereas the nation have accept the democracy value such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion etc should be respected.

The government must comitmen concerning the value of democracy, in order that the nation did not return again become authoritarian power. The public should control concerning the government or cheks and balance carry out. Neither built infrastructure nore the commitment concerning shouldnot paradoksal.

Eventhough we must acknowledge the jokowi cabinet have succed infrastructure development and the eradication of corruption. Nevertheless we saw also that the Indonesia often happen the shocks of political. The shocks of political were happen fight identity in pancasila ideology versus the hisbut tahrir movement. The problem solving concerning social protest will not simpatic by public if only was resolved by liberal democracy.

Therefore we were needed of the role intellectual in comprehension concerning the power. The role of intellectual in power must give influence of the ability concerning social problem at the society. the according to Michael Burawoy (2004) as the public sociology that is commitmen of knowledge of intellectual to dedicate the sains for civil society, social engagement, and political activism.

C Wright Mills (1959) in the social imagination in the capacity to comprehend and convey of how to the social problem at fronts stage is cultural dimension personal and then in a substantive with the problem socio history and structural. Therefore the first period of jokowi president have succed for infrastructure building otherwise the development politic arsitecture have not succed yet.

Hence the intellectual at power must give intellectual horizon and attention concerning the sociology problem of society. otherwise the politic communication must be centered only political imaging in dramaturgy and hipereality in the simulacera, but the intellectual must be commited give of comprehension in Indonesia who multicultural and plural.

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