The Pew Research Centers have been researched on 2015 about the tolerance in indonesia, the results of research intolerance of indonesia society from year to year the increasing. And then the radikalisme index to Indonesia 2016 as big as 43,6 %, it mean tolerance in Indonesia very susceptible. The science of Indonesia have explained on general election 2019 issue the ethnicity, religion still used for grabbed the support of the people. All we hope, if we have used issue ethnicity and religion, the impact we will see in the split of society.

The Alvara Research Centre have been survey with college student as the respondents and the result (29,5%) they did not support the leader of the outside islam, (23,5%) they were agree islam state and (17,8%) they were agree with Khilafah. It mean, in college student have be inclination the comprehension intolerance attitude and radicalism.

The science of Indonesia (LIPI) have been survey on 2016, it mention that radicalism movement have entered the campus. The radicalism movement have exploited discussion and penetrate the organization student college. And then The Setara Institute have been ever researched in ten public universities and the result a mention the tendency same.

The Maarif Institute, the assessment islam and society University islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta and united Nation Development Programme Indonesia have been ever researched in the 40 school at 5 provinces in year 2017, the result school organization such as OSIS have infiltrated by intolerance group past alumni.

Analysis sociology
According to sociology we must know about an agent socialization such as the family, school, society, peer group, mass media etc.

The role of the agency socialization can hampering in family. The family can prevent it with give understanding by parent to his child. The role of the parent have to children educate with always to give basic values in the society. all we hope the parent must apply educate informal. Because we do not teach something value of pluralistic in the family, but it was taught stereotif about other people, the child will very difficult friend with different friend. By because that’s we hope all parent responsible about their children.

The role of the education such as junior high school or senior high school must have a role carry out educate about pluralistic value to student in order that tolerance concerning the difference. The teacher in school must give to value democracy, tolerance, mutual respect. The teacher don’t teach intolerance for student, but they must teach the value of harmony inside the country of Indonesia. and then the school must control about the school organization such as OSIS etc. the role of the school must be controlled radical movement who I feel and I think can not accept with the doctrine hate the teachings of other people and teach something the doctrine of the most right and the doctrine of the other misguided.

In the University must be controlled radical movement to student college organization. Student organization in the college who ideology will inclined to radical or intolerance with different and threat social system in the college, I think and I feel must be dissolved. Moreover we have seen the result Alvara Research Centre, the university have affected with doctrine intolerance who infiltrate by student organization religion based. And then in the research result the student college agree to state muslim and khilafah.

Thus, the role of college must give to pluralistic educated by the course material and then the importance of the unity of the nation.


By Suyito.

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