We often to see in society that political support to certain will effect several society very important ignore the data and the fact. The fanaticism political which copious will resulted in. fanaticism political have caused polarization group, disturbe harmony, hatred between group and then a sense of humanity disturbed. The conditional also can be happened with hoax distributing abundant. In the period January-March 2019 the society anti-defamation Indonesia have noted 320 distributing hoax with 65% stub politics. The spread of the hoax have intended on three thing that is to government/institution (23%) stub politics, group candidate president number one (50%) and then group candidate president number two (27%).

According to chairman of the presidium Mafindo Mr septiaji Eko Nuroho that general election 2019 have proved the society experience disbelief in society. The opinion to Mr Septiaji that a lot of hoaxs not only due to because of digital literacy, but also because politic fanaticism copious. Thus, political attitude copious will cause the society ignore about data and fact. And then according to the chairman of the press council period 2016-2019 Mr Yosep Adi Prasetyo said the hoax news will become the main task a member of the board of the new press period 2019-2022.

All we hope that politic fanaticism will make the society disturbe social order. The political elit must give politic statement a peace and harmony. Although according to the opinion of experts have happened post truth, but centre government and local government should be careful with politic fanaticism. Social system will disturb consequence from politic fanaticism, because of all the people can make social equilibrium in society disturbe.

The Social equilibrium is very important in keep social order in society, cause if not harmony in society will make conflict do it. Social conflict must be avoided in the social system, because conflict will make disturbe prerequisite functional in the system. Thus, politic education must be implemented to society, with consequence the social and politic system do not disturbe equilibrium in the people.


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